Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 – Musical and Opera

Gruppo del Cerchio and Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh present


A little eco-shelter for spirituality and poetry

Song Edimburgh

A woman escaping from noisy modern life finds herself in a garden, the last shelter of gods, and through an inner flux helped by songs, she shares reflections, visions and epiphanies. Can gardens – but also our balcony plants –  be our natural rebellion against modernity? She tells thoughts of some extraordinary travellers and eternal spirits leading us towards secret truths. 45 minutes of trance, this electro-folk hypnotic musical will lead us to the depths of the earth, through enchanting metaphysical dimensions.

<< As a form of rebellion, make gardens, rebel places, outlaw ones >> said the mysterious character Jorn De Précy in its manifest for philosopher-gardeners. Following his suggestion, SONG OF THE EARTH wants to invite people to trace their sign on earth, with the consent of the Earth, by planting trees, flowers, but also fruits and vegetables, as suggested by the farmer-poet Pierre Rabhi.

It deeply moved me. It’s genial” Elena Comollo, eco-farmer by Agricoopecetto (Turin, Italy)

Born in Italian in a transition town, SONG whispers what all the wise have always said: the world is a unique entity, in constant search of harmony inside and outside us. Our soul (the interior garden), and our world (the exterior garden), must be equally cared for and respected.

It is full of unique beauty, a very artistic performance. It makes me think about the meaning of life and love. And makes me follow the words of beautiful poetry and sounds of pleasant melody.” SVETA, spectator by Stage Door pub (London, UK).

The text written and directed by the dramatist Carola Benedetto, is inspired by the words of the religious and naturalist Ildegard von Bingen, the poet and gardener Vita Sackville West, the theologian Raimon Panikkar, the founder of the agro-ecology Pierre Rabhi, the words of the poets Blake and the Apocalypse of St. John, rearranged (for electric guitar and synth), and sung by the actor and singer Susanna Paisio SUZI FAT.

“I thought it was dark and heart felt, yet pleasant and ethereal. The kind of music one might play on a summers afternoon to contrast with the light.” Iain,  from Plugged In Switched On (London, UK)



A group of women, a group of friends, a non-conventional theatre company from Italy, bringing their productions abroad in English and French. The team directs the Festival for extra-ordinary travelers, (in 2014 guest star is our show at Fringe!); some of them write, some teach, some sing and play: all are constant and indomitable car and bike travelers (with a special love for strange food and chatting!).

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Date/time: 2nd/4/5/6/7/8th at 4 pm (not 3rd)9th Aug. at 7 pmVenue: Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh Tickets: £5The Fringe Box Office – 180 High St /+44 (0)131 226 0000  Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh – Tickets at the door82 Nicolson Street / +44 (0)131 668 2232

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