SONG FRINGE official posterA woman escaping from noisy modern life finds herself in a garden, the shelter of gods. Through an inner flux helped by songs, she shares reflections, visions and epiphanies. Can gardens be our natural rebellion against modernity? She tells thoughts of some extraordinary travellers and eternal spirits leading us towards secret truths: Hildegard von Bingen, Raimon Panikkar, Pierre Rabhi and Vita Sackville West. 45 minutes of trance, this electro-folk hypnotic musical will lead us to the depths of the earth, through enchanting metaphysical dimensions.

Text and direction: Carola Benedetto
Performer: Susanna Paisio
Costumes and translation: Luciana Ciliento
Assistant director: Igor Piumetti
Sound technician: Chiara Zappavigna

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