(4-10 years old)

THE RECKLESS ROSE is the story of an adventurous curious little rose, who loves and wants freedom. Looked after by the loving Fairy Florinda, the Rose realizes she is not at ease in her tiny pot, behind the window’s glass, even if sheltered from wind, snow and rain, because she feels lonely, and she’s far from soil and seasons changes.
Thanks to her strong will and to the help of Fairy Florinda’s magic, she will be able to travel and live incredible experiences, but finally she will discover that the right and happiest place to live in is the garden, with its beauty and dangers, part of nature biodiversity and together with her friends!

the reckless rose

The storytelling will be accompanied by folk Italian songs, some of which will be taught to children at the end of the performance. Children can also make the reckless rose in paper!

The Reckless Rose in UK: in 2014 the Reckless Rose has already travelled throughout Europe! After her exploration of Northern Italy, she was in London (in Italian) by Italian Cultural Institute, (in Englis) by Spitalfields City Farm and Hackney City Farm.

Text by Carola Benedetto and Susanna Paisio
Costumes and English version by Luciana Ciliento

Watch here and here THE RECKLESS ROSE at Hackney City Farm

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the reckless rose